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Hall Rental

Lessee Responsibilities


Thank you for choosing us for your event. Here are some helpful tips.

Security​ ​Deposit: 

The $200 security deposit it will be returned to the Lessee following after the final walk-thru on the next business day. The Carolina Rosa Arts Academy Manager on Duty will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of your event and, if necessary, the security deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs. Lessee will be responsible for paying any additional charges above the $200 security deposit for any of the violations listed below. In order to assure that the Lessee gets a full refund on their security deposit, he or she must meet the following requirements. 

1. Decorations:

a. Lessee may not attach anything from the walls, ceiling, or floor. The use of any adhesives such as tape, thumbtacks or nails on any of the venue property is prohibited. 

(Violation Fee: $100)


2. Recycle: 

a. Lessee must take with them empty beer bottle. Carolina Rosa Arts Academy can only dispose of canned beer and SOME glass bottles such as hard liquor.

(Violation Fee: $100)

3. Clear Tables: 

a. All tables should be clear. Do not leave any utensils, napkin, drinks, decorations or tablecloths on the tables.  All of the lessee's belongings must be taken out of the venue at the end of the event when contract is terminated. Failure to do so will lead our cleaning staff to place belongings outside of the venue for disposal.

(Violation Fee: $50)

4. Sweep:

a. Floor should be clear of all garbage. Brooms and pans are in the back so that the Lessee can sweep the floor to pick up any garbage that might be on the floor such as napkins, food, cups, balloons, confetti, etc. 

(Violation Fee: $50)

5. End Party on Time:

a. All lights must be on and music off by the end of the party time agreed upon on the Rental Agreement. Need to be paid in advance; it cannot be take out of the security deposit.

(Violation Fee: $100 for one hour)

6. Damage:

a. Return venue in good condition and free from damage or disfigurement.

(Violation Fee: Varies) 

Rent a Party Hall at Carolina Rosa Arts Academy
Rent a Party Hall at Carolina Rosa Arts Academy